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Sky / Freesat LNB Legacy Adaptor

Sky / Freesat LNB Legacy Adaptor

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Sky / Freesat LNB Legacy Adaptor

Sky / Freesat LNB Legacy Adaptor This adaptor has been produced to allow Mk4 Sky/Freesat LNB's to be installed on older Sky/Freesat zone 1 and zone 2 dishes.

The adaptor replaces the larger adaptor now found on most Sky/Freesat LNB's (the one with the spirit level) enabling a correct fitment with older mk2 and mk3 dishes, which have been in circulation for the past 8-10 years and are most popular.

Please note this adaptor won't suit the current mk4 style dish, nor the very old mk1 dishes (made by Grundig or Cambridge), both of which have a completely different fitment arm. The dimensions of the section of the LNB support arm should be 30mm x 20mm for this legacy adaptor to fit.

This is a genuine adaptor made by the same companies that have the contract to manufacture the LNB's for Sky and Freesat, so are easy to install and fit perfectly. Simply unscrew the existing adaptor and fit this one, then slide inside the dish arm.